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Laboratory Animal Research and Development Center

(National Canine Experimental Animal Seed Center)

01 Introduction

        The national dog experimental animal seed center (hereinafter referred to as "the center") is the only dog experimental animal seed center in China approved by the ministry of science and technology in June 2010 (no. 267, guke facai [2010]), affiliated to guangzhou medical research institute co., LTD. Center was established in 1983, is a long history and provenance, management norms, pure level leading experimental Beagle dogs resources professional research institutions, has been committed to the preservation of germplasm resources, breeding and research and development use, for the domestic experimental animal breeding institutions, research institutes, new drug research and development institutions and customs provides the high quality of teaching, scientific research with dogs, dogs and dogs quarantine dogs, etc. Series of pro bono.

       The center is located on the peninsula in the mountain reservoir on the outskirts of guangzhou, covering an area of 50,000 square meters. It has built 11 kennels of 5,700 square meters that meet the international standards of animal welfare, and a large animal laboratory certified by AAALAC of 1,200 square meters. The center breeds the dog group more than 500, the stock quantity nearly 2000, produces the breed dog and the experimental dog more than 2000. It has a talent team composed of scientific and technical personnel with doctor, master and senior titles. It has a number of advanced scientific research instruments, such as micro-operating system, doppler color ultrasonic system, programmed temperature drop instrument and automatic blood count instrument. Since 2000 the center for science and technology major projects "experimental Beagle dogs and dog disease patterns, the research and development platform" and so on more than 40 national, provincial, municipal scientific research projects, access to government funds more than 4500 ten thousand yuan, for the new drug evaluation and research development at home and abroad institutions to provide high quality experiment, scientific research and teaching in Beagle dogs more than 20000, has become a domestic experimental Beagle dogs preservation, utilization of resources and the strongest comprehensive strength such as sharing and r&d resources platform.


02 The development course

• In 1983, established the laboratory of experimental animals, introduced Beagle breed dogs from the United States for the first time, and carried out standardized breeding research;

• In 2001, Beagle dogs were introduced from the United States on a large scale, and breeding centers were established according to the animal welfare standards of the United States;

• In 2002, the "guangdong Beagle dog germplasm bank" jointly built by provinces and cities was officially launched in 2006;

• In 2003the first batch of experimental animal production licenses;

• In 2006, the national dog experimental animal seed center passed the field evaluation organized by the ministry of science and technology;

• In 2010, the ministry of science and technology issued a document, "national seed center for canine experimental animals" was officially established;

• In 2011, undertook the "experimental Beagle dog and disease pattern dog research and development platform", a major project of new drug creation during the 12th five-year plan;

• In 2015, successfully obtained the world's first gene knockout Beagle dog model, filling in the gaps at home and abroad, and reprinted in the reports of famous media at home and abroad, such as CBS, BBC, CNN, NEW YORK TIMES, China government website, xinhuanet, etc.;

• In 2016, took the lead to undertake the major special project of guangzhou "animal model development and technical service of human disease";

• In 2018, the ministry of science and technology recommended our center to become the national science and technology resource sharing service platform -- national experimental animal resource base (dog).


03 Talent team

       The center has set up six secondary departments including breeding and breeding department, veterinary management department, scientific research department, quality assurance department, sales management department and comprehensive management department. At present, the center has a total of 10 technical and management personnel, including 3 senior titles, 2 intermediate titles, 5 master's and doctor's degrees, 3 practicing veterinarians and 1 assistant veterinarian, specializing in experimental zoology, veterinary medicine, reproductive science and genetics, forming a reasonable high-quality scientific research and management team.



   Liu Yunzhong


Senior engineer, deputy chief engineer of the company, deputy director of the national laboratory animal seed center, director of the laboratory animal research and development center, and director of the council of guangdong experimental animal society, mainly engaged in the utilization and research and development of experimental Beagle dog resources. Thirty years have been engaged in research work related experimental animals, built the only "national canine experimental animal seed center", "Beagle dogs germplasm resources research and development center of guangdong province", hosted and participated in finished twelfth five-year major projects "experimental Beagle dogs and dog disease patterns, the research and development platform" and so on more than 30 national and provincial project; In 2015, I presided over the world's first gene knockout dog, filling the gap at home and abroad. Beagle quarantine dog training center has been built, and it has successfully trained high-quality quarantine dogs entering and leaving ports, and won 1 science and technology progress award of guangdong and guangzhou.



   Hu Minhua


Senior animal husbandry division, doctor, master. Currently, he is the deputy director of the national laboratory animal seed center, deputy director of the laboratory animal research and development center, and a member of the board of directors of guangdong experimental animal society. He has presided over and participated in 16 government scientific research projects, including two national scientific research projects such as the national science and technology support plan and the national major project of the 12th five-year plan. The project of "research on key technology of experimental Beagle dog seed cryopreservation" was funded by "pearl river science and technology new star" by guangzhou science and technology innovation commission in 2016. In 2015, participated in the completion of the world's first gene knockout dog study; As the first author and corresponding author, he has published more than 20 SCI articles.



04 Scientific research achievements

 In June 2010, the ministry of science and technology (guoke caicai [2010] no. 267) established the only "national seed center for experimental dogs", which is one of the seven experimental animal seed centers in China.

• In 2006, "guangdong experimental animal Beagle dog germplasm resources research center" was officially established.

• In 2015, we obtained the world's first gene knockout dog model, filling in the gaps at home and abroad, making China's research technology of genetically modified large animal model in the international leading level, and laying an important foundation for us to carry out the research of other major human disease model dogs.

• In 2002, cooperated with guangzhou entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau to build the first Beagle quarantine dog training center in China. Since quarantine dogs work for 11 province port provides more than 50 quarantine dogs and seized several harmful substances and a second high risk items, to prevent the foreign port by pest invasion of the border, China's agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry and ecological security played an important role, the project of guangdong province, the municipal science and technology progress third prize each one.

• Developed more than 2000 background parameter data of Beagle experimental dog physiology and biochemistry, 145 common description specifications of integrated and digital expression, and reported them to China science and technology resource sharing network for national sharing.

• Independently developed dog models of diseases such as spontaneous prostatic hypertrophy and hypertension, and provided disease model dog services for scientific research institutions such as Shanghai family planning research institute, Shanghai pharmaceutical research institute and guangzhou zhujiang hospital.


05 Unique advantages

● The Beagle breed is from the United States with a clear genetic background and clear source. It is tall and tall, with a wide and plump head and long and large ears. It is more suitable for intravenous administration and blood collection, and is the most suitable dog for safety evaluation.

● After more than 30 years of construction, it has become the only "national seed center for experimental dogs" with Beagle dog breeding qualification, and the population quality is leading in China.

● A scientific research and management team composed of senior professional titles and masters and doctors is equipped with quality monitoring equipment to carry out scientific management and research on dog quality and effectively ensure dog quality.

● Scientific Beagle diet formula. According to the national nutritional standards for experimental animals, and referring to the relevant standards of the United States and Japan, the center has developed scientific dietary standards through tracking research, and commissioned qualified feed manufacturers to produce, all raw materials are high-end imported materials, effectively ensuring the quality of dog feed.

● Avoid inbreeding method is adopted to effectively control the increase of inbreeding lines per generation and maintain the genetic stability of the population.

● Achieve information system management, all dogs can be traced to more than 5 generations of pedigree.


06 The service effectiveness

● Since the establishment of the national seed resource bank for canine experimental animals, it has provided over 10,000 high-quality experimental dogs, breeding dogs, teaching dogs and quarantine dogs and over 100 technical services for nearly 100 pharmaceutical enterprises, universities and research institutes.

● In recent years, the company has completed multiple batches of seed sources in multiple units such as Beijing rixin technology co., LTD., and provided technical personnel training, site construction, facilities and equipment maintenance, breeding management training and guidance services, effectively promoting the development and innovation of service enterprises.

● In recent years, successively with guangzhou institute of respiratory disease in academician zhong nanshan group, nanjing university professor group, sun yat-sen university professor wen-liang zhou group, south China agricultural university professor Guo Xiaofeng team, lanzhou veterinary research institute, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences professor zhu XingQuan team and the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, Harbin veterinary research institute deputy researcher wang xj team to carry out the cooperation study, the content covers the knockout disease patterns in research and development, the dog parvovirus vaccine, rabies vaccine research and development, the parasite genomics research and asthma, etc.

● In the past ten years, the developed quarantine Beagle dogs have intercepted 17,964 batches of prohibited entry objects at guangzhou baiyun airport, totaling 5.2 tons, including 4 batches of endangered animals and plants. Of the 6151 batches detected, 179 were quarantine pests. In 2005, avian influenza H5N1 virus was detected from Vietnamese duck eggs intercepted by quarantine dogs, which was the first time in China. It played an important role in preventing foreign harmful organisms from invading the country through the port, and guaranteeing China's agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and ecological security.


07 Products and technical services

To provide high quality breeding, experimental and teaching dogs

Beagle conservation, breeding, research and development of germplasm resources

Beagle dog model dogs with spontaneous hypertension, prostatic hyperplasia and other human diseases

Beagle dog as experimental animal technology (pharmaceutical, vaccine effect test, etc.) services

Beagle quarantine dog application and training technology, trainer training

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